Strategic Partner


Seek ways to align your corporation with World Vision’s community development work or make a strategic philanthropic investment.


Can tailor a partnership plan that reflects your corporate values, commitment, business strategy, and desire to make a long-term impact for children in need.


We can change lives through our partnership.


Mobicom and Building Water, Sanitation, Hygiene Facilities in Rural Schools 

Type of Partnership: Strategic partnership to improve water access and sanitation and hygiene.

2014 - Present

Before, school children had to use wooden latrines (holes between wooden planks) at rural schools. The stalls were not tall enough for privacy, didn’t lock and were rarely cleaned. Children also didn’t have water to wash their hands and had to wait in long lines outside in the cold winter, making them often sick and disrupting their studies

22, 000 students in 35 remote soums now have access at school to improved sanitation facilities with:

  • Hot running water to wash their hands
  • Well-lit, heated indoor bathrooms
  • Separate toilet stalls for boys and girls  




Mobicom and Child Helpline 108  

Type of partnership: Strategic Partnership Focusing on Child Protection  

2014 - Present 

37% of the Mongolian population is under 18. And with rapid rural-urban migration and high inflation, a rising high level of alcoholism and unemployment issues, children are at risk.  There is also a lack of high quality and reliable data on child protection issues in Mongolia. 

On June 1, 2014, together with Mobicom we launched Mongolia’s first nationwide, 24/7 and toll free help line. By dialing 108 on any phone, children and young people can express their concerns and receive counselling and assistance when they are in need. The Child Helpline empowers children to raise their voice and helps resolve their problems.