Our Work

World Vision believes the best way to improve children’s lives is through child-focused development. We work with communities and children through a range of programmes that promote change and improve their well-being. World Vision’s development work aims to ensure that children: 

Enjoy good health & Are educated for life

World Vision’s affiliate microfinance institution (MFI) in Montenegro addresses the financial needs of the rural poor and in particular supports small rural businesses that do not have access to financial services. MonteCredit (formerly known in Montenegro as AgroInvest) helps keen, hard-working entrepreneurs to start up small agricultural businesses or expand them in order to improve the well-being of rural families – particularly children- and to build strong rural economies. It disburses loans through organised community structures called Village Associations.

As families generate more income and are able to save money and become more self-sufficient, they can invest more in the health of their children – ensuring more regular check-ups, providing more nutritious food and providing care and treatment when children become ill. They can also ensure their children have the resources they need in order to attend school – including adequate clothing, stationary and transportation, etc, and ensure their children are educated to lead a full life.