Wheelchairs and new classrooms bring joyful moments to hundreds of children

It was all during the celebration of the African Children Day, which World Vision Mozambique has been planning devotedly to deliver moments to remember to hundreds of children and their families.

The first gift to children was an improved and fully equipped classrooms block, in a school that operated under limited conditions since 1942, but the green light thanks to the support of Canadian people through World Vision Canada came to change that look, and boost the pupils and teacher’s self-esteem.

“We as children are very pleased, because we see that our rights are being observed, as an example we have this brand new classrooms” children said in a single message.

Ladies from the community celebrated the inauguration ceremony with singings and dances thanking World Vision and its donors for making such thing possible and performed a play showing how it would benefit their children.

“Hi dear neighbor, did you hear about the great news, our school has been improved, it’s beautiful and fully equipped…” said the first neighbor.

“Oh that’s good, my children no longer have to go that far for lessons, I will arrange for my son to have lessons there and he will be with us very often” said second neighbor, followed by huge applauses from the spectators.

The school inauguration was addressed by the district administrator, Titos Sitoe who before delivering his speeches started to sing demonstrating his happiness, for the joy and amusement of community members.

"Look at the luck, luck as arrived," sang the administrator.

"This is a huge day for every African children, and there would be no better way of giving them something, rather than improve their learning conditions" said the administrator.

"We celebrate, because children not only have good and beautiful classrooms, but also a water system whereby it will alleviate significantly their access to water, we know that children, other than learn within classrooms they learn how to grow vegetables and that water capturing system will help them so much in the irrigation process" said the administrator.

World Vision support, encouraged the education authorities to upgrade the school, because of the new classrooms the school will start teaching grade 6, as from next year 2015.

The government authorities appealed the community to take good care of the school, so that it can benefit more children and also honor the efforts of the people (donors) who contributed to make the school come true.

For the entire block composed of 3 classrooms and an office for the school principle and teachers the organization injected 800 000 dollars.

"Do study a lot my children, we would like to have all of you passing for the next grade" the administrator said.

The administrator also appealed caregivers, community members and all those present in the ceremony to let and help children grow right by respecting their rights and never abuse them.

As the administrator and the community thought the celebrations were finished, they were caught by surprise when the coordinator for the Disability Project (promotion of rights of children with disabilities) rose to his feet and announced that the organization had also prepared wheel chairs for kids in critical condition.

The project allocated 15 wheelchairs for the same number of children and said it is opening new opportunities for children to benefit of same rights as other children.

“Look at me” said Sérgio, “I went to school, I was trained, I work for World Vision yet I am blind. This is to let you know that children with disabilities can enjoy the same rights as other children, they can go to school” concluded Sérgio.

Unable to speak, the administrator said not even the most beautiful words could express his feeling to demonstrate how happy he was for the gesture.

"How beautiful is this, I have no words to express How I feel" said the administrator and the singing and dancing restarted.

"You there who stayed home, who will tell you about the good news"…who will tell you about the good news...the community replied singing and dancing.

“This moment and example is unique, we are very thankful, please keep up the good work, God bless you for this, giving opportunity for this children to be able to do something”, said the administrator visible satisfied.

In Ahi kulene a Canadian funded project, World Vision is supporting in health, education, nutrition, economic development, water and sanitation among other projects to the benefit of 17 000 people and 40 per cent of them are children.

The celebration culminated a luncheon for the children, plays and chats for the entire community.