Joint NGO Statement on the 2019 JRP for the Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis

Eighteen months ago, more than 700,000 people fled violence, persecution and mass human rights violations in Myanmar. The speed and the volume of the influx created an unprecedented protectioncrisis. Today, almost 1 million Rohingya still languish in the world’s largest refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar,Bangladesh. More than half of them are women and children.

Today, these families are pinning their hopes on the renewed Joint Response Plan (JRP) for the Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis launched today in Geneva. Every day, families in the camps tell us how they long toreturn to their homes in Myanmar. But they also say they don’t want to go back until their rights are recognized and until their safety can be assured. So in the meantime, they are counting on this ambitious new funding plan to prioritize education for their children and youth. In the meantime, people also need income-generating opportunities that will help them