World Vision: An exclusive G7 climate club is a mistake

Friedrichsdorf/Elmau -The international children's aid organisation has welcomed the German government's initiative to form an alliance of governments to actively combat climate change. However, it says this "climate club" should not be limited to the G7 countries.

Ekkehard Forberg, climate expert at World Vision said: "Not all G7 members will support the ambitious plans. Therefore, there is a great danger that there will be a result of the lowest common denominator. Instead, countries of the Global South, which bear the brunt of climate change, must be at the table from the beginning and also be able to co-determine framework conditions." 

Ekkehard Forberg said that this kind of international co-operation is possible was shown in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. "It is a joke that this should not be possible with the global threat of climate change. A global climate club can be an effective tool if all stakeholders talk to each other at eye level."

World Vision is calling on the G7 countries at the summit in Elmau to provide greater support, especially to poorer countries, in their fight against the consequences of climate change. Above all, the expansion of renewable energies in Africa and Asia must be the focus of the heads of state and government. The promotion of fossil fuels, on the other hand, is the wrong way to go. 

The G7 summit must make significant progress in curbing climate change in order to reach the 1.5-degree target. This includes the expansion of renewable energies in Africa and Asia. "Instead, however, industrialised countries are focusing on the expansion of gas production in Africa - the completely wrong path," explains Forberg. "If the industrialised countries really still want to achieve the climate goals, they must financially support poorer countries in the expansion of renewable energies." 


Notes to editors 

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