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publication • Thursday, October 13th 2016

Nutrition Distance Learning Brochure

Nutrition eLearning Courses available

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World Vision's Distance Learning Courses offer a practical and interactive learning experience for development workers: an opportunity for local groups to take the online courses together; image- and audio-rich online presentations and webcasts, featuring technically up-to-date content; forums for learners to discuss their work experiences and local applications; and community practice for learning skills. The facilitator is an expert in international nutrition programming, and provides live technical assistance, guidance, feedback, technical support and, most importantly, recognises and builds from the expertise that the learners already have. 

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Course description

Reducing Anaemia: This six-week on-the-job training course helps learners understand maternal and childhood anaemia, its multiple causes and how to address this issue in the community. 

Reducing Childhood Stunting Part 1 (multi-sectoral): Part 1 of this on-the-job training course is a six-week introduction to childhood stunting that explores how every sector contributes to the reduction of stunting via different pathways. This course is useful for staff from various sectors who want to understand their role in addressing stunting.

Reducing Childhood Stunting Part 2 (nutrition-specific): Part 2 is an eight-week course on nutrition-specific interventions along the life cycle that help to prevent childhood stunting. 

World Vision has created an eLearner Readiness Passport (, a practical tool that identifies the key skills and resources that the individual must manage in the online environment and awards a visa if the learner is ‘ready to learn’.  

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