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publication • Tuesday, May 16th 2017

Nutrition eLearning Course Overview

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For an overview of one of our nutrition eLearning courses, please download the zip folder and save on your device (in some formats you can save by clicking 'extract all files') - then click on Launch_Story file to run the animation (you will need all the files in the zip folder in order for the animation to work). If you have any problems downloading, you can access through this link. Please note that this animation only runs on PC at this point, not on Mac).

When you run the Launch_Story file, you'll see a menu with an overview of the Reducing Anaemia eLearning Course, an explanation of Public Health Nutrition Competencies the course addresses, an overview of the blended learning approach, as well as short summaries and objectives for each of the lessons (1 to 4), and information on course costs.

Please contact us at if you have any problems accessing the overview files.

For more information, please visit our Distance Learning webpage