Our Response

World Vision Jerusalem-West Bank-Gaza has declared an Emergency Situation in Gaza and is soliciting funds in order to be able to respond to the needs of the people on the ground.

We have started with providing psychosocial support for children who have been injured or lost a family member in the attacks, and also those taking shelter in UNRWA schools after evacuating their homes. While the truce held, World Vision helped people through distributions of food parcels and hygiene kits, and by providing fuel, medical supplies and bed sheets for hospitals.

At the moment 40 Child Friendly Spaces are operating serving a total of 10,900 children 2,800 of whom are registered in World Vision's sponsorship programme, and 8,100 non-registered children, 5,925 children provided with psycosocial counselling at UNRWA hospitals and schools. To date 9,708 families provided with PFA, 3,720 food parcels and 1,996 hygiene kits have been distributed. A total of 4,000 bed sheets were provided to Al Awda hospital and 5,000 litres of fuel were provided to run hospital generators.