Our Work

Children enjoy good health

Through the initiative of Circles of Good Health and Nutrition, 1,852 guide mothers were trained on health issues so they can share their knowledge in their communities. During 2011, 352 Circles promoted good maternal and child nutrition practices where 77 pregnant women and 2,337 children were benefited.

Children are educated for life

The Integral Community Development Centres are early childhood education spaces that promote the integral development of children from 3 to 7 years of age. Children receive preschool education so they can succeed in their first grade of elementary school preventing repetition and dropout. During 2011, 650 children were graduated and 180 Centres were opened in the country.

Children experience love of God and their neighbors

Every year WV El Salvador carries out the activity “Tell the story of Jesus´s birth” which promotes Christian values among children. With the support of volunteers who prepare theater presentations and stories and World Vision´s specially designed materials, children enjoy the activity with snacks. This year, 61,370 children participated.

Are cared for, protected and participating

To commemorate the 21 years of the ratification of the convention on the rights of the child, World Vision organized the national Forum “Advances and challenges in the exercise of the human rights and participation” where 350 sponsored and non sponsored children and youths participated. Government and national and international organization were also part of the event and had the opportunity to listen the children´s opinions.

World Vision El Salvador also promoted the exercise of voting by the election of Municipal Children and Youth Councils in municipalities located on the eastern and western part of El Salvador. Around 15,000 people from 892 community based organizations participated in this initiative.