Endela hopes for new beginnings

Six clans, constituting approximately 800 people fled Yalanda after the April earthquake that killed six people.  Three hours walk through the tropical jungle lay their virgin forest land.  Uninhabited but safe from rock slides.  A small river runs through the land, ideal for starting anew. 

Thirty clan members, armed with machetes have started clearing the land in hopes of a new, safe start. Eight crudely built structures, erected from bush materials is now home to this determined group who are determined to carve out a new community site for the six clans.

Rosa does not know her age, she just knows her and the family lost everything in the earthquake.  She has come to the new land with fellow clan members to cook for the men and youth as they clear the land.  Her family waits in Yalanda to join her when the land is cleared.  She has no school, or spare clothes.  She willingly collects water for her clan, she want to be part of the rebuilding of their new community. Rosa has no school to go to, but she still aspires to become a flight attendant, so she is desperate to finish school.

Levi is 12 years old.  He and his family also fled their village after the earthquake.  Now he spends his days bent over, machete in hand clearing the land with his father and neighbors.

His dream of becoming a teacher still burns in his soul, but as each week goes by without going to school his dreams are fading.

Guini feels he is blessed.  He has his family, and now another small house which he has built.  Guini feels like a lucky man because he also has a small solar lamp which lights his small house at night.  The rest of the families have to revert back to using fire light so they can see in the dark, long nights.

Endela is a perfect opportunity for local government and NGO’s like World Vision to give a hand up.  The clans own the land and they are willing to work hard to establish a new community.  Plans from the government are already in place to have a road go passed the new village.  A health post and school are a high priority for this clan. They know their children need to continue their education as the children are the future. The families want to forget the past and prepare for tomorrow.