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World Refugee Day: Shocking outlook for children in world’s refugee crises, says World Vision

· Global child refugee figures increase exponentially – (In Syria alone) more than 1 million children have fled the country and three million are displaced inside the country · European Union needs to rethink its refugee policy and improve its current legislative framework Today World Refugee Day is being celebrated in a global context in which it is critical for the world to wake up to the fact that often most of those fleeing fighting are children, says international aid organization World Vision. Read more
Friday, June 20th 2014

European Parliament must become a Child Rights Champion, says World Vision

World Vision congratulates newly elected Members of the European Parliament. Their election to the Parliament is a significant achievement and we wish them well throughout their mandate. Currently, one in four children inside the EU lives in poverty and thirteen children under the age of five still die every minute of preventable diseases. Read more
Wednesday, May 28th 2014