Canada’s funding commitment to ending violence against children an encouraging sign ahead of G7, says World Vision

January 25, 2018Standing alongside education activist Malala Yousafzai, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today effectively doubled Canada’s annual commitment to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE).

The Government of Canada’s $180 million investment from 2018-2020 is a welcome and encouraging step for the millions of children around the world, particularly girls caught in conflict and uncertainty, who dream of going to school, says World Vision. Investing in education is a critical step towards alleviating chronic poverty and violence and giving them a path to a hopeful future.

“Hundreds of millions of children experience school-related violence every year, and this gets in the way of their ability to learn. This is especially the case for girls, as it is one of the key reasons they abandon their education. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It takes moves like those the Canadian government has made today, to end violence against children. We hope other governments will take their lead and double their commitments to education as step towards transforming the lives of vulnerable children,” says World Vision’s global It takes a world to end violence against children campaign director Andrew Hassett

With Canada hosting the G7 Summit in June, World Vision is looking ahead to Charlevoix as an opportunity for Canada to demonstrate leadership in education on the global stage.

World Vision is asking the Canadian Prime Minister to lead a signature policy initiative at the upcoming G7 to bring urgent political attention to a severely neglected issue – girls’ education in crises.

“Canada’s commitment to global education today is a vital step towards preventing a lost generation of children – especially girls – caught up in conflict and uncertainty,” says World Vision Canada’s Jamie McIntosh. “Every child everywhere, deserves a quality education. Education programmes have proven to protect kids from violence today while giving them a chance to pursue a better life tomorrow.”