Children’s lives at stake in Myanmar, says World Vision

WORLD VISION INTERNATIONAL, Friday, September 8 – Two weeks after violence broke out in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, humanitarian agency World Vision says it cannot access the thousands of children and families caught up in the violence.

“Two weeks ago, we were reaching more than 20,000 people with food, including 7,000 young children. Today, we are reaching none. The violence has displaced children, families, our own staff and is preventing us from reaching those most in need,” says World Vision International’s Trihadi Saptoadi, global head of programming and emergency affairs.

“We know many children are still on the move, trapped in dangerous areas trying to reach safety following attacks. 

“Children and their families are caught in cross-fire, sheltering in the remains of their homes and communities, or on the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh in search of safety. We repeat the call we made with our partner agencies when this violence broke out, that all parties in Myanmar exercise restraint. We plead with them to remember there are children caught up in this violence, and they deserve better. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

“We believe the number affected by this violence is significantly more than first thought, and we are poised to help children and their families as soon as we receive permission from relevant authorities, and can gain safe access.”