Philippines: Massive floods inundate Manila

Rescue workers are executing a mass evacuation of hundreds of thousands from Manila, Philippines and other cities as torrential rain and floods threaten to engulf the capital. 

Disaster authorities estimate over one million people are affected and about 250,000 displaced, as of writing. The number increases by the hour as pelting rains and raging floods are expected to engulf the metropolis and neighbouring provinces in the next two days.

World Vision has mobilised an emergency response team to assess the flooding around Manila, and is partnering with government agencies to conduct a coordinated response. All World Vision staff are safe and accounted for. 

Evacuation centres are already swelling with evacuees and the city struggles to cope with what could be its worst inundation since tropical storm Ketsana left the whole city and adjacent provinces underwater three years ago.

Watch WV Philippines staff member, Anthony Valenzuela, talk about the realities in the field while in the flood zone in Malabon City, one of the hard-hit areas in Metro Manila.

While major roads are rendered impassable, response teams plan to visit the affected areas of Malabon, Manila, Cavite and Zambales once the flood waters recede. Other flooded areas at critical level include Botolan, Baquilan, Bangan, Danac Bunga, Paco, Nacolcol, Capayawan, and Taugtog.

“Flood waters reached our street and it’s slowly rising up to the second level of our house,” said WV Philippines staff member Erwin Sisracon, who lives in a flood-prone area. “Some of our neighbours are already staying on their rooftops- if rains continue to pour we won’t have a choice but to do the same.”

Mr Erwin’s family is just one of the hundreds of families that are trapped in their homes due to the flooding. Thousands more are expected to evacuate within the day.


WV Philippines currently supports over 5,500 children in Manila, Malabon and Zambales while about 1,400 children are assisted by WV Korea.