Philippines: Rains bring misery to residents

After 11 straight days of downpours, emergency responders are racing to provide assistance to nearly 1 million people in Manila, capital of the Philippines. 

At least 60 per cent of Manila is flooded, and many streets are still flowing like rivers.

“Hungry people wearing wet clothes are the usual sight in the evacuation centers,” says staff member Jay Mijares. “I was able to visit two evacuation centers filled with about 1,000 families who experience food rations only once a day.”

“Heavy rain continues, and children are on the streets playing in the floodwaters, unmindful of the consequences to health,” he says.

Monsoon rains enhanced by the force of Typhoon Haikui have caused flooding in nine provinces on the island of Luzon.

The death toll stands at 72 since steady rains started when Typhoon Saola hit northern portions of Luzon in late July.

World Vision’s national office reported that all staff and sponsored children in World Vision-assisted areas are safe.

Emergency response staff are beginning distribution of ready-to-eat food to 1,000 families.

They are preparing to serve 50,000 people (10,000 families) in the Manila metro with food and emergency supplies.

With reporting by Shirley Lei Kimmayong, a World Vision communications officer in the Philippines.