Statement in Response to Tragic Death of Eight-year-old Felipe Alonzo Gomez

World Vision deeply regrets the death of another migrant child from Guatemala, eight-year-old Felipe Alonzo Gómez, on December 24 in New Mexico, USA. 

Felipe's death, following that of Jakeline Caal two weeks earlier, remind us of the extreme risks that migrants, especially children, face. This is why World Vision reaffirms our commitment to the well-being of children and the promotion of more fair and just societies. 

We call on all authorities to implement policies that tackle poverty, inequality and violence, working together with communitary authorities, civil organisations, international organisations, private sector, churches and other faith-based organisations. We ask that Felipe's case is investigated thoroughly to prevent any further tragic loss of life.

World Vision will continue working for the protection of children, adolescents and young people, in accordance with international agreements, and our calling to help the world's most poor and vulnerable children.