World Vision Statement on End of Ceasefire in Israel and Gaza

August 20, 2014 - World Vision is deeply concerned that the resumption of conflict in Gaza and Israel will cause even greater suffering for children. Since the beginning of the conflict in early July, more than 450 children have been killed, and hundreds more injured. More children will suffer and die unless a lasting ceasefire is negotiated, humanitarian aid is allowed to flow and critical infrastructure is rebuilt.

World Vision calls on the international community - in particular governments with influence over both parties to the conflict - to urgently use all diplomatic tools at their disposal, including through bilateral engagement to assist with ending the current cycle of violence and to bring both parties to the negotiating table.

Both parties to the current conflict must abide by International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and ensure that any conduct of hostilities does not endanger civilians, especially children. This includes civilian infrastructure such as electricity, water, hospitals and schools.

World Vision is seeking to expand its reach and programs, especially during ceasefires, to reach as many children as possible. This included the establishment of child friendly spaces to provide much needed psychosocial support. Innovative strategies, such as training for mothers in psychosocial first aid are being used to ensure children get support at home and those displaced get reached in their host families.