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Protecting Children

Our dream for every child is simple, it's a childhood. The chance to play, to go to school, to be healthy, to make friends, to be loved and above all else to be safe from harm. Whilst this seems like a simple dream, it is not.

Violence against children, is a global scourge. Every year one billion children are affected by it and it happens in every country and every community. Not only does it harm the child but it jeopardises their future survival, health and education, it slows economic development and it erodes human and social capital in a country. 

It is a problem that society is all too familiar with. A recent study, by World Vision and Ipsos Mori, found that more than three quarters (76%) of people around the world know of a child victim of violence, and the majority of people (62%) believe that the problem is increasing. 

World leaders have recently announced new targets to address it and countless charities and influencers are calling for something better. Simple solutions like recognising the signs of violence, supporting families, empowering children, changing attitudes, investing in violence free schools, maintaining services and ensuring strong legal standards can go a long way in protecting children and eradicating violence - but we need a movement to make this happen.

In response to this problem, and these solutions, in 2017 World Vision will launch a new global campaign to end violence against children. This campaign will run from the smallest community to the largest world stage and seek to inspire the public and stakeholders to action. 

Whilst we prepare the campaign there are simple things that you can do to support:

  • Find out more, delve into the issues that make up violence against children, understand their causes and what to look out for.
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, we will be share updates, information and ways to get involved. 
  • Pray, say a simple prayer for the 1 billion children affected by violence, that they can be protected, are kept safe from harm and free from fear.

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