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publication • Thursday, February 2nd 2017

WASH Learning Event

Moving from humanitarian to sustainable WASH services

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There are currently around 45 million people in need of WASH humanitarian assistance. This learning event will seek to identify and share proven good/useful practices in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector, as well as drawing lessons from WASH interventions in the Middle East region. This exchange will focus on how to move WASH from humanitarian development towards a transitional phase of long term sustainable WASH services.

The workshop is jointly organised by World Vision and UNICEF as part of a longer term regional sharing and learning process. Areas of focus in this exchange will be around lessons learnt on innovative approaches in dealing with WASH in the Middle East region within the Middle East region with a focus on technical, economical, financial and sociocultural issues.

The rationale for this learning exchange is that WASH in the Middle East is increasingly being recognised as being a priority in line with achieving sustainable development through the SDG’s by numerous stakeholders ranging from donors to WASH experts. Issues such as WASH in the Middle East, transition from humanitarian response to development require more attention. For example, there are many unplanned areas such as Informal Tent Settlements (ITS) which are facing major challenges, hence the increasing recognition on reflecting on how to address WASH in this context. In addition there is institutional complexity of WASH as well as lack of capacity which are key challenges in this context. In many places across the Middle East region, pockets of good WASH practices have been developed and successfully implemented.

With this learning event we want to support and promote the sharing and learning and work towards the further development of the SDGs for this region. However, as learning in the sector has been weak, these practices are not being implemented at a scale necessary for attaining the SDGs in relation to WASH. The intention of this learning exchange is straightforward. It aims to make the international community more aware on the challenges around WASH in this region by bringing together key WASH stakeholders. This will be achieved by bringing together key WASH stakeholders ranging from international donors to NGOs focusing on WASH in the region to this key learning event, which till now has not been done in a systematic manner. 

Read more about objectives, target audience, timeframe, costs, etc. in the attached brochure.

See meeting report.