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2020 Digital Health Factsheet: Honduras

To help combat the lack of quality, real-time information about household food insecurity and low diet diversity in Honduras, the Transforming Household Resilience in Vulnerable Environments (THRIVE) project built a mobile Household Participating Tracking System (HPTS) on the KoBoToolbox platform. Community volunteers work both online and offline with smartphones to collect data, images, videos, and GPS positions from the project’s beneficiaries. They then transmit this gathered information to the HPTS.

Once received, the information is analysed and presented in an interactive dashboard that visualises performance indicators, geo-references, and beneficiary participation. The HPTS also generates other relevant data. This real-time information enables project managers and the technical team to assess and make decisions that allow them to respond and act more quickly and appropriately.

THRIVE is supported by World Vision United States and its Major Donors Program.