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2020 Digital Health Factsheet: Indonesia

The IT Based Empowerment of Maternal and Child Health (IREACH) project, initiated in 2019, contributes to improved maternal and child health in Central Sulawesi by boosting community and volunteer capacity and awareness and by strengthening program performance monitoring.

To support this work, IREACH uses mPosyandu, an evidence-based mobile software application innovated by World Vision Indonesia. mPosyandu was created to offer shorter reporting times for routine nutrition monitoring shared from Posyandus (integrated and community-owned health service posts focused on maternal and child health) to Puskesmas (sub-district community health centres). The application has been shown to improve data accuracy by 80% in Posyandus overall and as high as 94% in rural Posyandus. It also has many additional features of value to frontline health staff.

The IREACH project is supported by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.