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2020 Digital Health Factsheet: Niger

Preventable infectious diseases such as malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia are the leading contributors to deaths in children under 5. About a third of those deaths also occur during the perinatal and infancy periods due to conditions such as neonatal sepsis, birth asphyxia and congenital anomalies. The Act to Save (A2S) project aims to address these leading causes of mortality of children under 5 in six communes in the Dosso and Maradi regions of Niger.

As only two out of every five births take place in local health facilities, A2S will effect change both in facilities and in communities by using an approach that aligns with Niger’s national public health strategy. To help achieve this, it will use the CommCare data collection platform and also leverage the comprehensive management information system properties of a bundled suite of technology tools built on the Salesforce platform, informally referred to as Sinai.

The A2S project is supported by World Vision United States’ Every Last One Campaign.