Disaster risk reduction work by World Vision Cambodia

Disaster risk reduction work in Cambodia

World Vision International - Cambodia involves children in dialogues concerning disaster risk reduction and climate crisis response and escalates their recommendations to the government actors.



Integrate community-based disaster risk management, safe school framework, and climate change mitigation in programming


Children and Youth call on the Cambodian Government to:

1. Reinforce the implementation of the law on deforestation

2. Increase forest conservation zone 

3. Stop illegal sand dredging activities 

4. Take actions and provide guidelines on awareness raising in waste management

5. Enhance vulnerability assessment and timely respond to the need of the disaster-affected people, especially vulnerable people such as the elderly, people with disabilities, and children

6. Increase national budget for disaster management work

7. Raise public awareness of the negative environmental impact of waste draining directly into water sources

8. Reduce the use of chemical substances in agricultural and food production 

9. Promote disaster preparedness and prevention actions at community level


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