Faith and Development

Faith and Development at a Glance 2020 - Fact Sheet

Faith leaders have a key role and responsibility to realize the protection of children and women. Faith leaders have a "pivotal role" in Afghanistan, recognizing the Afghan people and society and can play an active role in effectively implementing World Vision office activities and programs. The World Vision International highlights the role of faith leaders in the country and believes they can be effective in gaining public support for the current and future programs of World Vision. World Vision Afghanistan is working with faith leaders to reduce violence against children and women and prevent forced and underage marriages to create positive social change in society.

World Vision Afghanistan hopes that the highly respected religious scholars, who are the backbone of the Afghan community, will play a role in all levels of society and work together to assist WV in the implementation of its humanitarian programs to reduce forced marriages and underage marriages, violence against children and women. It is hoped that comfortable and bright living space will be provided for this vulnerable group of society.