World Vision's expanded response strategy to the crisis in Ukraine June 2022

World Vision's 180 day strategy for our Ukraine Crisis Response

The war in Ukraine continues and with it our response. World Vision’s 90 day Ukraine Crisis Response Plan (UCR), published in March, set out an initial strategic focus and plan. Now we look ahead, combining insights from our immediate experience on the ground with our decades of emergency response. As the situation evolves, we have adapted our response to seek greater stability, less risk, and an intentional focus inside Ukraine. This is driven by the ongoing volatility within Ukraine and the high numbers of refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

The shifts outlined in this new response plan strengthen our response and allow us to better meet the historically unprecedented needs caused by this senseless war. It also aligns with World Vision’s promise to deepen our commitment to the most vulnerable girls and boys. This 180 Day Plan extends through August 2022. A longer-term response plan will be published in September.