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The world is commemorating the 33rd anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of the Child and Universal Children’s Day in November. But with millions of children engaged in Child Labour in South Asia alone, there isn't much to celebrate.

Almost 70 children and former child labourers met earlier in 2022 to discuss how we can end child labour. They made some great points.
Dr Nikhil Raj, Ms Roopashree Shanker and Ms Prasoon Singh consolidated the conversations and put together the context, the proceedings and emerging pointers in a great report. 

On 26th November 2022, World Vision South Asia & Pacific hosted a youth led event, the We Speak Forum, to launch the recommendations made by children and young people on child labour in South Asia. This will contribute to the Regional Consultation To Finalise the Draft Regional Action Plan to End All Forms of Child Labour in South Asia 2021-2025 led by the South Asia Initiative on Ending Violence Against Children (SAIEVAC) is just around the corner. 

Everyone must use their voice to speak up for children engaged in Child Labour.
Hear what others have to say. And join the conversation.

The challenge of Child Labour across South Asia

30 million children

in employment

16.7 million children

in child labour

50 million children

out of school

28 million children

are neither in school nor working

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Regional Advocacy Director, Advocacy and External Engagement 
South Asia & Pacific Region, World Vision International

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Child Protection & Participation Lead
South Asia & Pacific Region, World Vision International

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Media, Communications and Public Engagement
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