Health and Nutrition

What we want to do

We are committed to improving the health and nutrition of Somali children, women and communities. To achieve our main goal of child well-being, we must ensure Somali children are protected from infection and disease and are well-nourished.

How is World Vision addressing the issues?

In order to deliver quality essential health and nutrition services, World Vision in collaboration with the ministries of health in Somaliland, Puntland, South West and Jubaland States, supports health system strengthening through basic infrastructure, provision of medical supplies, capacity building and incentives to health personnel. Also, World Vision Somalia works with partners and governments of the Federal States of Puntland, South West, Jubaland and the Republic of Somaliland to address various health and nutrition issues.

Is what World Vision doing working?

Yes. We have implemented sectoral strategies that help to improve resilient livelihoods and food security that contribute immensely to child well-being; this achieved through capacity and systems strengthening using innovative approaches to tackling health and nutrition issues. Also, our work supports health facilities in Somalia and Somaliland to improve the delivery of healthcare services.