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Appreciation event for social workers and foster parents

World Vision Georgia with support of the EU organized an Appreciation Event aimed to honor social workers and foster parents for their efforts and years of service, dedication and support provided to children in need. 

Strengthening foster care service and social work in the country is one of the priorities for World Vision Georgia. The event called the broad society to appreciate the work of foster parents and social workers and celebrate their day to day work.

After an opening by Ekaterine Gurgenadze, Director of World Vision Georgia, high-level speakers provided words of welcome.

During his welcome speech, Carl Hartzell, Ambassador of the European Union, said, “Today’s event is a celebration of all devoted foster parents and social workers, who together are making a key difference in the lives of vulnerable children, and an important contribution to the development of Georgia’s child welfare and protection system!“

"Foster care is one of the most important services that needs more attention from state authorities, non-governmental organizations and general public. It is the responsibility of every person to contribute to the development of child protection and welfare system in Georgia. We are ready to support anyone who express desire to become foster parents and share love and care to children who need it most, “ -  Meri Maglaperidze,  Director of Agency for State Care and Assistance for the (Statutory) Victims of Human Trafficking. 

World Vision Georgia awarded the foster parents and social workers with appreciation certificates for their efforts and dedication toward their work. As foster care is the best alternative to biological families, foster parents should be granted continuous support to be able to secure basic and developmental needs of children who are under especially difficult circumstances.

During the event guests had the opportunity to attend a special musical performance – Gipsy Dance Performance prepared by Day Care Center beneficiaries. One of our beneficiaries performed a song with famous composer - Dato Evgenidze.

The outdoor space was fully dedicated to the entertainment activities organized for most important guests - the children from Day Care Centers and foster care. The event was full of joy and happiness creating unforgettable impressions for the children with animators show, music performance, photo shooting zone and art corner with handicraft masterclass for kids. As for the background music, live band “Rezo and Children” performed throughout the evening.

The event was organized within the EU funded project “Reinforcing the Child Protection and Welfare System in Georgia” implemented by World Vision Georgia since 2019. The project supports the Government of Georgia in strengthening a child welfare system and developing alternative child care services in the country. World Vision Georgia with partner organizations supported the implementation of the code on the Rights of Child in Georgia; guided the development of country level deinstitutionalization strategy and action plan, assessed non-regulated  childcare institutions in the country and supported the replacement of large scale institutions with alternative, family based care options; established child protection departments in local municipalities; Project contributed to build capacity of 316 foster care parents with initial and on job trainings for them to perform to their fullest potential; Developed various modules and provided training to 130 municipal social workers and 250 social workers from state care agency.