From sponsored child to pharmacist helping others: Lesly's story

Lesly, a former sponsored child, is now a pharmacist in the Philippines
Lesly, a transitioned World Vision Sponsored child to an inspirational pharmacist.
Friday, October 22, 2021

Lesly, a former World Vision sponsored child, is now a licensed pharmacist in the Philippines.

Instead of working in a big pharmaceutical company, she and her family worked hard to start a pharmacy business in remote areas, so locals can access quality medicines and healthcare.

Lesly is a jovial and kind young adult from a rural community situated along a scenic river, renowned for its restaurant cruises.

Her mother helps run their family business. Lesly's father sadly passed away five years ago.

She graduated in college with a degree in pharmacy last year, before taking the board exam in April and becoming a registered pharmacist.

Lesly says she gets her work ethic from her father, who sadly passed away.

“I really wanted to become a medical professional, because I want to help other people who are in need of help,” says the 22-year-old Lesly. “That is why I studied to become a pharmacist, because I can help people heal from their illness by providing the correct medicine.”

Lesly’s compassion for others is deeply rooted in her childhood. She had a simple life with her family back then. Her father earned money by selling fish, while her mother stayed at home to take care of them.

Her family encountered challenges such as financial restraints, with her father being the sole breadwinner. Eventually, her mother worked overseas as a domestic helper, but she was needed more by her growing children and returned home.

As a World Vision sponsored child, Lesly received educational support, such as school supplies and a school uniform. This assistance helped lessen the financial burden on her family each school year.

Lesly and her mother in their family-run pharmacy.
Lesly and her mother at their family-run pharmacy.


“I learned to value other people, especially those who need help, because it was shown to me through the generosity of my World Vision sponsor. I now bring that compassion to my profession,” she shares.

But Lesly's family had to face their biggest trial when her father suffered a heart compilation and eventually passed away. Lesly who was very close to her father grieved hard.

“The death of my father was really painful. It also affected our family, because we lost our main source of income. Everyday, we had to find means so we can eat and go to school,” she remembers.

The family was able to endure the hardship when Lesly’s older siblings found jobs and began to make a living.

Her college expenses were taken care of through World Vision Philippines' special college scholarship project .

Lesly at home working helping animals in the evening.
Lesly working at her home computer.

After graduating and passing the board exam, Lesly remembered her plan to help other people, so she and her family set up a pharmacy business in a more secluded town in her province.

“We were able to start the pharmacy store because my older sister, who is also a registered pharmacist, had already started our first store two years ago. We were able to save and open a second one,” she says.

Lesly is the assigned pharmacist in their second branch. She and her mother run the business everyday. She reads prescriptions, dispenses medication, provides patient counselling and does inventory before closing at night.

“My heart flutters every time I help patients receive the right medicine. During patient counselling, I can see in their eyes that they are suffering from their illness and to be able to help them is fulfilling for me,” she shares.

Lesly at home with her family and puppy.
Lesly engaging in her part-time passion as a veterinarian assistant.


Aside from working as pharmacist in the morning, Lesly also works virtually as a veterinarian assistant. As an animal lover herself, she also finds joy working in a veterinary clinic and helping animals heal.

Through her success, Lesly remembers her father, who is also her inspiration to work hard. “My father was a very hard-working person. I want to dedicate my success to him, because he helped me to where I am now. I know that he is proud of where we are right now as a family,” the young woman concludes.

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