The effects of hunger and Covid-19 on Angel's life and her family

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

By Patrick Abega, Communications Manager

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the province of Kwango, in the city of Bukangalonzo, lives Angel. She is the mother of four children. With the advent of Covid-19 her whole life changed. She lost her job, her husband left her and faced with all these difficulties and finding herself without money she decided to return to live with her mother. But her mother, seeing the burden too heavy, decided to chase Angel and her children away. With nowhere to go, they found refuge under a tree. They spent a few nights there before being taken in by a benefactor. The same ordeal continues as they are now 10 people in a house with one bedroom and a living room. They all have no means to feed themselves. Sometimes they go all night without eating and this affects the health of the children, some of whom are already losing weight. World Vision implements Wash and Livelihoods projects in the city of Bukalonzo.