COVID-19 response: emergency intervention in the rural communities of Romania

The life of children and families living in our villages has always been tough: difficult access to proper food, medicines, hygiene products. Now, because of the current pandemic, their situation has become desperate. 

We are there and through our intervention we aim to help 7,500 families and 14,000 children in various ways so that they can still lead a normal life, as much as possible:
·    Education goes digital – in every possible way and with all the resources that we have. Children must continue to study. 
·    We provide packages with food, hygiene products, school materials and activity packs or even electronic devices, internet sim cards and other basic products. 
·    We remain in connection with the children and their families and we monitor their health condition. We provide psychological counselling to those in need, via phone or online. 

Any donation that you make helps us to support the vulnerable families from the rural areas to survive the crisis. 
They need all the help we can give, we are kindly asking you to contribute so we can continue to support them!
All individuals and companies who have the necessary resources for the rural families (food, hygiene products, digital infrastructure) are kindly asked to contact us at:

Please see below more details about our response:
We provide material support
Disinfectants, protection masks, gloves, chlorine, water, toilet paper, wet napkins and other hygiene products.
Food packages for those placed in quarantine.
School materials, activity packs, games for the home –isolated children;
Electronic devices (tablets, computers) and internet sim cards so that even the children living in remote / isolated villages can have access to digital education during the coronavirus pandemic.

We provide digital home schooling:
We have identified solutions for distance communication with children via: phone, apps, online platforms, e-learning or videoconferencing. 
More than 5770 children can attend online courses via the “The School in a Box”e-learning platform.
The 12th grade students from the "I want in the 9th grade"  take part in remedial activities online. Other hundreds of high school students attend online personal development workshops. The students without access to internet or digital devices keep in touch with the teachers via phone.

We provide counselling and monitor the health condition
all our psychotherapists, psychologists, social and educational assistants provide phone or video psychological counselling. 
Nurses keep in touch with the families on a daily basis to monitor their health condition. 
We provide information about the essential preventive behaviour so they can stay safe and sane.