Thursday, October 1, 2015
Disaster preparedness in typhoon-affected communities
In Leyte Province of the Philippines, families are moving on from the darkness of the disaster aftermath. World Vision is helping families plan, prepare and recover by building disaster-strong schools, training emergency responders, providing families with flood resistant crops and supporting communities as they clean up remaining debris. "By being prepared, people are more resilient," our disaster preparedness manager says.
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A hunger for food, friends and school
Just a decade ago, it was rare for Khang ethnic minority girls, who live without main electricity in Vietnam’s mountainous district of Tuan Giao, to go to school.“My dad can read and write, but he had to drop out of school in grade five when my grandfather died of a lung disease,” says Hoan, who belongs to the remote community near the border with Laos in the nation’s north-west.“My mum can only use her fingerprints instead of writing yes or her name on official papers, though,” the 11-year-old adds.
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April 20th 2015
Navio Reaps Benefits of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration
Written by: Marian RobertsNavio is a community in the Kassena District that has been transformed over the past four years. The small farming community started practicing Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) and their community hasn’t been the same since. FMNR is allowing natural regrowth of vegetation which enables the sprouting up of lost farm resources such as wild fruits, rodents, medicinal plants to regrow with farmers being in control.
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February 18th 2015
Stars of the Ayeyarwady Delta
With the golden paddy fields in the background and a concrete-paved main road, Shan Gwin village in Pyapon Township, Delta region has peace and stability, but the village was left in rubble not long ago, after cyclone Nargis hit in 2008. The small community recovered with the help of humanitarian organizations including World Vision. After the emergency recovery phase completed, World Vision elected to continue its work through development programmes in the area. That was two years ago.
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January 22nd 2015
Sprinklers of hope and bounty
Story by Janice Evidente, Photo by Albert YuMr Kamonporn, 51, is a hard working man. Prior to the tsunami, he had three income streams to provide for his family needs. He grew vegetables, cultured sea shells and crabs, and worked as a sign artist in Khao Lak.He was working on a sign at Kha Lampi-Hat Thai Mueang National Park when he saw a black wave approach and hit inland. It left the park muddy when the water withdrew back to the sea.
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December 20th 2014
Seeds and tools help Solomon Island families recover from flash floods
Three-year-old Rina’s tiny hands slowly weaved through the stems as she plucked the bright red healthy looking tomatoes and capsicum near her house at a village in Guadalcanal Plains.Rina, 3, a quiet and timid village girl, in class 1, was harvesting food from the vegetable garden her family planted two months ago.In April, flash floods in the capital, Honiara and nearby Gudalcanal Plains, destroyed their homes, crops and livelihoods. The garden is part of a World Vision project that supports families to help rebuild lives.
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October 3rd 2014