More than just a food parcel: WFP and World Vision continue to address food insecurity in Lebanon

More than just a food parcel: WFP and World Vision continue to address food insecurity in Lebanon
Wednesday, February 14, 2024

As Lebanon grapples with one of its most severe economic crises, numerous families face the challenge of providing meals. In response, through funding from the World Food Programme and in partnership with World Vision, the distribution of in-kind food parcels is currently underway in Baalbeck, for families in the city and the surrounding region.

WV staff giving the info session.

The distribution process begins with individuals receiving a numbered ticket and patiently waiting for their turn. During this waiting period, an awareness session is conducted around sexual exploitation, abuse and gender-based violence. Subsequently, each person proceeds to a designated stage where a staff member verifies the received SMS, confirming their names on the distribution list.

Receiving the package

Following the verification stage, individuals move to another phase where their basic information is collected. Then, they proceed to the ticketing stage. Finally, at the distribution phase, individuals present their tickets to the staff, and in return, they receive their food parcels.

Participant showing her ID

All these phases are meticulously designed to guarantee that each individual receives their parcel, ensuring transparency and that every vulnerable family registered in the programme returns home with a food parcel in hand.


"In the face of increased expenses, providing for my 10-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter The rising prices of essential food items like oil, tuna cans, and pasta add so much to the struggle, making it difficult to take proper care of their well-being," Says Zeina.


Malak, a mother of three children emphasizes: “This aid supports my children's education. While I struggle a lot with their tuition fees, every penny saved becomes an investment in their schooling.”


"Everything we may need is available in the market, yet what prevents us from obtaining it is the high cost of these items. When we visit the supermarket, the staggering prices leave us in disbelief, coupled with the lack of income or job opportunities," expresses Mohamad a father of a 10-year-old boy.

Eliya, WV Staff

Eliya, a project officer at World Vision, says: "I've been involved in this project since 2019, and over time, I've observed a notable increase in the number of female staff members. This has proven beneficial during screenings and information gathering, where the presence of female staff creates a more comfortable environment for female beneficiaries to share and open up. Moreover, during information sessions, especially regarding claims of sexual abuse, the impactful discussions are making a difference by empowering women to come forward and disclose any form of abuse."

In December 2023, World Vision, in partnership with the World Food Programme, genuinely made a difference by reaching out to 4,655 households. They handed out a total of 8,720 food parcels, providing ease to the most vulnerable families.