From Crisis to Care: The Inspiring Journey of Choueifat's Youth

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Amidst Lebanon's most severe economic crisis to date, the resilience and strength of the country's youth can play a crucial role in revitalising the nation.

From this standpoint, the Youth RESOLVE 2 Consortium funded by the European Union, and implemented by World Vision in Beirut, Mount Lebanon and Beqaa, empowers youth and provides them with the tools to create positive change in their communities, through advocacy activities and quick impact projects.

Louay, 17 years, teamed up with 10 other young individuals aged between 16 and 25 years to assess the most pressing needs in their city. After conducting a thorough assessment and evaluation, the necessary data was collected. It was concluded that the primary focus in the area was to address food insecurity. Building upon this concept, they collaborated with the municipality to propose the installation of a solar system to provide energy for the city's water well.

Together, we can lay the foundation for a better tomorrow.

Louay taking pictures for his city


“I was really happy to be part of this project, which was a great learning experience, as it gave me an opportunity to create positive change in my city. Choueifat truly deserves recognition due to its rich cultural heritage and well known educational institutions that have left a mark throughout Lebanese history” Louay mentioned.

“We identified food insecurity to be the problem that required our immediate attention. We then engaged in discussions with local community leaders, including mayors and municipality members. It became evident that the inadequate distribution of water to households was a significant problem caused by frequent electricity cuts. Consequently, we determined that installing a solar panel to provide energy for the water well would be a viable solution to restore water supply to the households in the area,” Louay added.

Louay stated that this project helped him become a more outspoken person and enabled him to improve his communication skills and discover new aspects of his personality. “Although my household didn't benefit from this project, my community did and I'm happy to have been part of it. It's just the beginning, and with similar projects, we can reach more beneficiaries. I urge young people like me to step up and volunteer, so we can create a better future for our country. Together, we can lay the foundation for a better tomorrow,” said the future agriculture engineer.

Water for over 25,000 individuals in Choueifat.

70 solar panels


Mr. Hassan Abou Faraj, a member of the Choueifat Municipality said “With the installation of 70 solar panels, this water well will provide water for over 25,000 individuals in the Qoubbeh district. On average, with families consisting of four to five members, this sustainable water source will cater to their needs. The solar panels will supply electricity from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm and in case of insufficient sunlight, the municipality will provide generators to ensure continuous electricity generation”.

Mr. Hassan further expressed that “World Vision Lebanon’s work and their trust in the potential of the youth is really remarkable”. He emphasized: “In an age where many perceive young people as disengaged from social issues due to the dominance of social media and increasing social isolation, World Vision's commitment to empowering youth is truly admirable”.

 He mentioned that the municipality will keep including the youth in their work and considering their ideas for new projects whenever possible. They truly believe in the potential of young people, and this project clearly demonstrates this belief.

Municipality representative


It is with this belief in the potential of young people that we aspire for Lebanon to regain its former state and for the economic crisis to eventually come to an end. Young individuals like Louay and his fellow committee members in Choueifat and all over Lebanon are surpassing their struggles to construct a brighter future for their country and the next generation. Their success is rooted in their unwavering faith and compassion.