YR2 Arsoun

Youth RESOLVE: A confidence-building experience

The youth are the backbone of society. In many communities, they often find themselves marginalized and on their own, instead of being enabled to reach their full potential, achieve their dreams and become responsible adults.

Youth RESOLVE 2, a project funded by the European Union through the Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, aims to empower youth towards becoming leading actors in their communities.

Sandy, a member of the Arsoun Youth Committee, describes her experience with Youth RESOLVE 2 as "A great way to build self-confidence and self-esteem". The 25-year-old heard about the project through the municipality. She was previously involved in youth activities, and was enlisted as one of the pro-active youth in her hometown. "When they first told me about the project, I was very excited by the idea. It is a new way to create positive change in my village and develop my personality, in addition to meeting new people," she says

The 15 members of the Arsoun Youth Committee meet almost every week. They discuss, plan their future initiatives, and undergo training and coaching sessions that help them on a personal and professional level. "I like it when I get the chance to engage with people my age and discuss ideas. It is an opportunity to learn more on different, varied topics ", Sandy explains.

Initiatives and projects like these give youth a chance to learn and grow and gain new skills for the future. In addition, they become more confident and responsible when appointed as leaders. "I am very excited and motivated be part of this project; the training sessions are helping me understand the steps to progress and maybe one day I can plan my personal project," Sandy says.

Sandy continues, "After joining the committee, I had the chance to get to know my village and community better; I try to tailor the activities to the specific needs of not only my hometown, but the whole surrounding area."

Being surrounded by people with the same mindset and motivation is key for any project to succeed, and this is how Sandy feels about her teammates. "We are all on the same page; we have the same motivation and vision, and work proactively towards taking the project forward."

Youth RESOLVE2 is a great way for youth to work on their personal development and improve their decision-making skills as well as create positive impact in their community.