Mali Humanitarian Crisis: What is the Problem?

Mali Humanitarian Crisis

What is the Problem?

Mali has 5.9 million people affected by the humanitarian crisis; 2.18 million of them children, whose education has been disrupted as 920 schools closed. Then conflict, predominantly pits the Fulani against the Dogon ethnic communities. It has spread from northern, to Central and now many parts within Mali. World Vision is racing against time to secure children, who are the future generation, with a timely response to this escalating humanitarian crisis.


The humanitarian situation in Mali continues deteriorating due to presence of armed groups that are exacerbating the conflicts. These conflicts were initially linked to the management of natural resources. However, they later took an inter-ethnic dimension. The displacement context remains complex, with people moving from high volatile regions to relatively calm areas. They are especially re-locating into urban areas where some level of security is provided by the government forces. Unfortunately, this is not adequate due to intensity of the crisis in some areas. New cases of displacement are continuously being reported, with inter-community conflicts, jihadist attacks, insecurity and clashes, or the prospect of possible clashes between armed groups being among the reasons that propel the new displacements.

The humanitarian crisis has also worsened because of growing crime, the presence of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the proliferation of small arms and the presence of armed groups that is evidence of extreme violence, remove people and property, and perpetuate attacks, particularly in Mopti and Segou, that are in the northern and southern parts of the country. This has the direct consequence of an increase in IDPs and humanitarian needs and a critical impact in 11 Area Programs that resulted in the shift from development activities to emergency interventions. With 920 schools closed, children can not attend school, while others are targeted for recruitment by armed groups.