Safeguarding Awareness week 2020 : World Vision organises children's workshop in El Mina

To mark our annual Safeguarding Awareness Week held 12-16 October this year, World Vision organised a workshop on safeguarding and child protection for 28 members of children's clubs in the commune of El Mina, along with their educators. The objective of this workshop was to share a code of conduct adapted to children for the 21 boys and seven girls who attended, in order to help them understand the rules that employees and any person affiliated to World Vision in Mauritania must respect with regard to children.

A risk assessment conducted with children's participation allowed participants to understand how to take the necessary measures to ensure a safe participation in activities organised by World Vision. At the end of this training session, the young participants gathered in groups and identified four main risk categories:

  • Risks related to COVID-19 
  • Risks of incidents (injuries, assault, road accidents, fires, etc.) 
  • Risks related to image rights and taking photos 
  • Risks of misinterpretation on the nature of World Vision's activities in Mauritania

Click here to learn more about safeguarding in practice in the communities where World Vision works. To watch the video in French, click here.