Mobile Health and Nutrition Team

Thousands of people in the Northern districts of Herat , Afghanistan left their homes because of long-lasting drought in 2018.

Those who stayed in their village suffered from diseases and malnutrition

due to remoteness and lack of access to the exiting health and nutrition services.

People have to walk up to 64 kilometers or come by donkey or motorcycle to reach to the nearest clinic.

With the lack of nutritional food and clean water due to the drought, access to basic health & nutrition care service is vital.

With funding from the European Union, World Vision established three Mobile Health & Nutrition Teams to provide services across 170 villages in Northern Herat.

A Mobile Health & Nutrition Team is comprised of a midwife, a nutrition nurse, two vaccinators, a doctor and a health promoter.

Each team visits over 120 patients per day.

Most of the children who come to the clinic suffer from diarrhea, malnutrition, acute respiratory tract infection (ARI) including pneumonia.

During the last nine months, the Mobile Health & Nutrition Teams have treated 30,789 children; whom 781 suffered from malnutrition.

The child’s brain will not properly developed if he/she is malnourished within the first 1000 days from the conceptions and the consequences will remains for a lifetime.

World Vision is the only organization who is working in drought affected areas in the Northern districts of Herat province.

Our Mobile Health Clinics mean that there is no need to travel to distant clinics and families receive health and nutrition emergency lifesaving services in their own community.