Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Joey’s story: A wheelchair providing new hope for the future
"Joey caught my eye because of his contagious smile and positive attitude; and the fact that he walked on his elbows and knees. For the last 25 years, this is all he has known." ~ Meldred Matol, World Vision Typhoon Haiyan Response, Philippines Read more about Joey's story
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Singing his way into the Blue Sky
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January 26th 2015
A Voice of Hope
Fatjona is only one of thousands of children with disabilities living in Albania. According to the Observation Office in Albania, there are 17,786 children with different abilities. For a number of different reasons, most of them live in poor conditions. In general, people see their disabilities and not their abilities. In many cases, they are lonely because they don’t have any friends. Oftentimes they are mostly confined to the home as their families are often ashamed to be seen with them in public.
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July 29th 2013
A single mother’s resilience and entrepreneurial skills get a boost from cash program
Lisi Emmanuel Alex, Communications OfficerIt was late in the afternoon when Roda Nema was out picking cassava leaves for dinner. Meanwhile, she was nursing her three-year-old daughter, Hadiya.A single mother of two, Roda struggled to provide food on the table for her own children and for the children of her late sister. But that wasn’t the only setback for her. As a mom who has been deaf all her life, her opportunities to go into business were limited, including her own financial resources.
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October 11th 2018
Eugent Bushpepa - Ambassador of "Hello...Life", World Vision Albania & Kosovo
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August 20th 2018
Disabled refugees receive decent shelters
By Moses Mukitale, Communication Coordinator, West Nile Refugee ResponseAsk me for a definition of a hero, and I’ll point you to 39-year-old David Koruk. I met this father of four recently in a refugee settlement in northern Uganda and he shared his harrowing tale of escaping gunfire to flee his homeland and protect his family. In November 2016, David’s home in Central Equatorial State in South Sudan witnessed heavy shelling, and David acted.
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June 22nd 2018