World Vision, Aktion Deutschland Hilft and NGO Girls reach out to Ukraine’s internally displaced

Almost a year on, World Vision's partnership with Aktion Deutschland Hilft and NGO Girls "Divchata" has provided relief assistance to 80,831 internally displaced in Ukraine.

“When she hears explosions, my daughter screams and begs me to go to the shelter. This terrible war has changed her a lot”, said Victoria, a mother of four-year-old Anastasiia.

When this family were fleeing from massive bombardment in Mariupol, a part of Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast, Victoria used a game tried to explain to Anastasiia what was happening and that the war had begun.

The families wait for their turn during the distribution of relief packs.


Early in her life, the little girl is aware of the situation and her eyes mirror the pain being experienced by other Ukrainian children. The toy unicorn that she held firmly in her small arms was the last memory about her happy childhood.

Victoria with her husband and daughter spent a month under occupation in Mariupol. She tries not to remember those times as she finds it very difficult. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), there are 5.9 million Ukrainians internally displaced in Ukraine.

Yana, one of the project staff of NGO Girls show the relief packs being distributed to families.


This family, like thousands of Ukrainian families, had plans and dreams for the future that were destroyed by this war.

“This is our second time to experience war that forced us to run away to save our lives. We had our own home and build a happy life with our children. Now we lost our house. Strangers are living in it now”, shared Victoria.

This is our second time to experience war that forced us to run away to save our lives. We had our own home and build a happy life with our children. Now we lost our house.

In partnership with NGO Girls “Divchata”, with support from Aktion Deutschland Hilft, World Vision is providing assistance through distribution of 1800 adult food kits, 1400 baby food kits and other essentials for the internally-displaced in Vinnytsia, located in the central part of Ukraine.

"It feels good when people thank you, which means you are doing it right. It is not difficult for me to help as I am also internally displaced. I am from Volnovakha, Donetsk Oblast, I understand how much these people need help”, said Yana, a staff of “Divchata”.

Victoria said the assistance is what her family needs urgently. “It is very difficult for us to find work right now, so any help is greatly appreciated”, she added.

Victoria fills up the registration form as Anastasiia waited patiently.


“The distribution is planned under the ADH2 Project to support 80,831 children and families with their basic need such as hygiene kits and food items. I was present during the distribution and meet with children and families”, said Arpanah Rongong, World Vision’s Project Manager.

She added, “I know the need of each family are big, hence our contribution at this difficult time is timely., The families and children expressed happiness to receive the packets. I hope it will serve them well.”

World Vision’s work in Ukraine with the internally displaced and host communities has reached over 393,000 people. Overall, 613,393 people were assisted in Ukraine, Romania, Moldova and Georgia, at least 232,249 are children in need.

World Vision's Project Manager Arpanah Rongong with Victoria and Anastasiia.


Story and photos by Oleksandra Shapkina, Communications and PE Officer