Video: Miradie trades to go to school

In the suburb of Kimbanseke, 12 km from the centre of Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC, Miradie lives with her two parents. Both his parents are struggling to support their family. The father was kidnapped in October 2021 and still suffers from the after-effects of this situation which has affected him mentally and physically. Miradie's mother used to run a small business, but due to the competition and the decreasing purchasing power of the inhabitants, she has given up her activities. She stays at home taking care of her husband. During the last school year, she had the ingenious idea to start manufacturing and marketing cleansing agents. With $25 from World Vision, she was able to make insecticide, bleach and other products. Without means, her parents appreciated the fact that Miaradie was able to buy her school materials for the new school year thanks to the benefit she obtained from her small business. Miradie is 15 years old, and she is one of thousands of young girls in her community who are overcoming the challenges of life on a daily basis, including the high cost of living due to the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic, the increase in the price of food on the market due to the lack of fuel, and so many other difficulties faced by her family and her community. During a visit by Aline Napon, Country Director of Wolrd Vision, to her family, Miradie shared her testimony on how she uses the income she earns from her business and how it has helped her.