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Positive Deviance Hearth for Facilitators eWorkshop
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Positive Deviance Hearth for Facilitators  eWorkshop

The Positive Deviance Hearth (PDH) for Facilitators eWorkshop is an online, facilitated learning experience for those who will implement PDH.  It is available in English or French. 

This comprehensive programme takes you through the steps of implementing PDH from start to finish.  You will need on average one hour per day to learn over the nine weeks of the eWorkshop.

The eWorkshop will take you through steps of PDH using interactive modules and a practice case study of PDH implementation.  You will also gain practical experience of foundational steps of PDH for its design during a field task.  The discussion forums and tasks provide you with opportunities to engage with other learners around the globe and experienced efacilitators and trainers in PDH.

The eWorkshop should be followed by a face-to-face training workshop that includes field work to complete the implementation of PDH in a community. 

World Vision offers trainers to support consultancies for in-country trainings for PDH.  Click here for more details about our technical support and email us for any requests for technical support at tso@wvi.org.

For World Vision Staffplease fill in this Registration Form - to complete the first section of the registration form, you will need to download this Fee Agreement Form, complete it and  have it signed, and submit as instructed in the Registration Form.

More information

Who is the course for?
  • The course is designed for those who will implement PDH and train community volunteers facilitating Hearth sessions.
What languages are the eWorkshop offered?
  • English or French
How much time will it take?
  • The course will take on average 4-5 hours per week.
  • It is 9 weeks long.
What are the topics covered in the eWorkshop?

The aim of this eWorkshop is to introduce you to the skills you will need to support PDH’s implementation in the community.  By the end of this eWorkshop participants will be able to effectively understand:

  • Key concepts of malnutrition and PDH for implementers
  • How to apply PDH feasibility criteria for communities
  • How community mobilisation fits into all the steps of PDH implementation
  • How and why various situational activities are conducted in the community for PDH
  • How and why PDI is conducted
  • How to categorise positive deviant, negative deviant and non-positive deviant households
  • How to identify positive deviant behaviours for developing Hearth Messages
  • How to apply design requirements for making Hearth Menus
  • Preparation and logistics required for Hearth sessions
  • What happens after Hearth to support new behaviours and track progress
  • How and when to expand PDH 
  • How to plan and implement the exit strategy
Course overview

Before eWorkshop: Welcome Package and Orientation to PDH eWorkshop


Week 1:               Welcome and introduction to malnutrition and PDH

Week 2:                Step 1 – Decide feasibility of PDH

                                    Step 2 – Mobilise the community and train volunteers

Week 3:                 Step 3 – Conduct situational analysis

Week 4:                 Step 4 – Conduct a Positive Deviance Inquiry (PDI)

Week 5 & 6:         Field assignment

Week 7:                 Step 5 – Design Hearth Session

                                    Step 6 – Conduct Hearth Session

Week 8:                 Step 7 – Conduct follow-up visits

                                   Step 8 – Monitor progress and repeat Hearth

                                   Step 9 – Expand PDH

                                    Step 10 – Plan and implement exit strategy

Week 9:                 Closing and final submissions of field assignments

How will I learn?
  • Interactive modules with knowledge check questions
  • Forum discussions with peers and expert facilitators
  • Scenario-based problem-solving activities

To find out more about the eWorkshop learning approach, see the main Technical Academy page as well as the information on this page

What technical expertise and support will be provided in eWorkshop?

A team of subject-matter expert facilitators and a course manager will guide the group through the materials. You will also learn from the experiences and perspectives of other participants from around the world.

How will I access the course?
  • You will receive a course login and link at least one week before the start of the eWorkshop.
  • Regular Internet access is required to participate. (Low bandwidth is OK.)
  • The course can be accessed via a mobile app, but a computer is preferred.
Are there any deadlines or certification requirements?


  • For each weekly module you will have a set of tasks to complete, but you can choose when to log in and contribute within the set weekly timeframe
  • The final individual assignment must be submitted by the given deadline

Certification requirements:

  • Meaningful and timely participation in course activities 
  • Submission of a satisfactory field assignment
How much does the course cost?
  • The course costs $500 USD (plus additional credit card processing fees) per participant.

Group rate offer until !

  • Group rate for '4 or more' (Talk to techinical_academy@wvi.org to redeem your group)
I have registered and paid, but now I am unavailable to join the course. Can I receive a refund?

The fee is refundable if you have not yet started the course, but it will not be refundable after you have started

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2022 PDH eWorkshop dates 

PDH eWorkshop in English: 23 March - 31 May, 2022

PDH eWorkshop in French: 18 May - 19 July, 2022