World Vision collects Gold Standard Carbon Certification at UN climate conference

World Vision’s Business Unit Manager for Food Security and Climate Change, Tim Morris has been presented the Gold Standard Carbon Certification for the Soddo forestry project in Ethiopia, while at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Warsaw.

“The Gold Standard testifies that Soddo-Ethiopia has successfully certified 189,026 CO2 certificates in accordance with The Gold Standard A/Reforestation requirements. The project was approved by the Technical Advisory Committee on 11 November,” explained Moriz Vohrer, Technical Director Land-Use and Forests at The Gold Standard Foundation. “This is the first A/Reforestation project in the world to gain Gold Standard Certification.“ 

The first trading of certificates (through specialist forest carbon broker – Forest Finance of Bonn, Germany) can now commence and this means revenue to communities for protecting their natural assets.

Soddo, now enjoys premium international market recognition and access through Gold Standard certification. This adds to the World Vision success surrounding the Humbo project partnership with the World Bank – the first A/Reforestation large scale forest carbon methodology project on the African continent to gain registration under the CDM and issuance of carbon credits in 2012 - the second in the world after the Plantar forest project in Brazil.

The World Vision team continues to show global leadership of the highest standards in response to climate change, through a very innovative and community driven approach, by accessing market mechanisms to benefit some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

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