Advocacy and Interfaith in West Africa

World  Vision  in  West  Africa  is  working  with  pastors  and  imams  who  have  the  passion  for people  and  are  engaged  to  transform  this  passion  into  development  and  community engagement.

Part of the strength of Interfaith is the sensitivity, acceptance and respect participants foster for their differences.  Understanding and appreciating differences between people, whether religious, ethnic, cultural or economic, makes Interfaith authentic. Whatever religion you are embracing, people have a central place for the human life.

 World Vision is working to influence public opinion and decision-makers in all sectors to adopt policies and practices and transform systems that lead toward the goal of ending poverty in West Africa. For example, through participation, World Vision West Africa is supporting youth-led advocacy groups who seek to influence national and local policies to improve the quality of their lives. Child parliaments across the Region have subjects such as violence against children, exam malpractice, and the involvement of children in decision-making.