World Vision International

Nutrition support helps Mohammad smile again

Sajida’s 18-month-old son Mohammad used to play happily in Myanmar and she could afford to feed him properly. Things changed when they fled the violence that erupted in Myanmar and walked for eleven days to reach Bangladesh. Mohammad’s health started to deteriorate and his appetite decreased. World Vision staff visited Sajida at her temporary shelter in the camp in Bangladesh. They screened Mohammad for malnutrition and referred him to an outpatient therapeutic feeding centre for treatment.

She was advised to feed him specific food for four days during which time his health started to improve. They also provided advice on the types of nutritious food she should continue to feed him. Thankfully, Mohammad is getting better. World Vision has screened over 6,000 children under five for malnutrition and provided more than 4,000 mothers with advice on how to improve their children’s nutrition.