Syrian refugee children feel safe in World Vision Children Centres

Four children centers have been established by World Vision Lebanon in the Bekaa region to help children who have fled with their families the escalation of violence in Syris. So far 240 children are coming to these safe spaces to play and learn with their peers. The centres are equipped with games and toys and learning materials to give the children a sense of normalcy and routine they now lack being away from their homes.

When entering the center, one would immediately notice the eagerness to play in the children’s eyes, a very different look from when they first came. In the beginning, these children came with am overwhelmed look of fear and insecurity, especially those who had been separated from their families.

At the World Vision children centres, children are being children again. They are able to share their thoughts and pain through age-appropriate games and entertainment with professionally trained staff. Children constitute half of the population of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Every child has the right for protection. World Vision is keen on ensuring this right.