Transformational Development in West Africa

Over  the  past  37  years,  World  Vision  West  Africa’s  investment  had  gone  into  infrastructure and  development  but  the  organisation  needed  to  move  from  infrastructure  and  focus  on quality.

Transformational Development is about building up communities, responding to the causes of vulnerability and poverty and reinforcing resilience. It’s about advocating to families to send their children to school. It’s about finding out what a community needs and how best to respond. Another way World Vision serves and protects children is through organising Child Protection committees throughout West Africa. These groups prevent and respond to any case of abuse, neglect, exploitation or other form of violence against a child. Access to clean water is fundamental to survival. That’s why World Vision has become the largest non-government provider of clean water in the developing world. Having drilled over 7,693 wells in West Africa, World Vision provides one new person with clean water every 30-seconds.  In 1985 when World Vision drilled their first well, they had been working with governments to expand  access  to  water  across  West  Africa  to  improve  health  and  food security.

World Vision West Africa has invested in thousands of communities with their programming activities. With enough resources put behind their committed partners in communities, the possibilities are endless.