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Young people are the future.

When they come together, they are a powerful force, their passion to make the world better, and skills to make real change will be the difference.

Young people are an important group leading change across the globe. World Vision works with children in nearly 100 countries worldwide, which naturally crosses into significant youth engagement in which youth are mobilizing  to be change agents within their communities and fight poverty, hunger, and injustice around the world.

In 2012, the World Vision Youth community was created to mobilize and connect young people across geographical and socioeconomic barriers from both developing and developed countries. Through campaigns, blog content, and Web tools, the World Vision Youth community is a catalyst to connect and convene youth and youth programs working in communities around the globe.

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Stay up to date, be inspired, and gather youth to get involved in our online web community,  -- a tool to share stories of youth, college/university students, and young adults all around the world who are taking action to create change in their communities.

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Email with your questions and ideas We would love to connect you with your local World Vision team. 


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