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World Water Day

World Water Day, observed annually on 22 March, is a day celebrate water, to help make a difference for those who suffer from water-related issues, and a day to prepare for the water issues of the future. 

Water is foundational to sustainable development -- from health, to climate, to industry, to equity, and more.

The theme for World Water Day 2018 is Nature and Water. In honour of World Water Day, we hosted a webinar on 28 March focusing on nature-based solutions to WASH issues, with a particular emphasis on conservation.

We heard from two presenters, with time allowed for Q&A:

Colleen Sorto, Director for Development Partnerships from Conservation International, shared about their work promoting integrated approaches to WASH and freshwater ecosystem conservation. Link to the presentation.

Colleen also shared the following resources from Conservation International

  1. Integration guidelines 
  2. PDF icon M+E Framework and Indicators table  
  3. CSA Gender Analysis report 

Marielle Snel, Regional WASH Technical Advisor, from World Vision’s Middle East and Eastern Europe Region, shared practical case studies on how WASH teams in her regional are using nature-based solutions to address water scarcity issues. Link to the presentation

Marielle also shared the following resource from the World Bank: Beyond scarcity- water security in the MENA region.

These presentations were followed by comments from discussant Tony Rinaudo, Principal Advisor Natural Resources, for World Vision Australia. He is an expert on a conservation technique called farmer-managed natural regeneration. (Read this article by Tony Rinaudo to learn more: More Trees, More Water.)

View the recording.


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