Girls with running clean water

World Water Day

World Water Day, observed annually on 22 March, is a day celebrate water, to help make a difference for those who suffer from water-related issues, and a day to prepare for the water issues of the future. 

The theme for World Water Day 2019 is Water for All.

Water is a human right, and we are hosting two webinars  to discuss what World Vision is doing and learning in two key areas where the realisation of the right to WASH is severely lacking -- healthcare facilities and people with disabilities.

The second webinar was held on Thursday, 4 April. We heard about disablity inclusive WASH in Southern Africa, with specific examples from Malawi and Zimbabwe. Click the button below to get the webinar recording.


Check out Zimbabwe's disability inclusive WASH programming

The first webinar, entitled: 'Addressing the Challenges to WASH in Healthcare Facilities in Afghanistan', took place on Tuesday, 12 March. We heard from World Vision Afghanistan's WASH Sector Lead, Rosanna Keam, as well as Lindsay Denny, Technical Advisor for Global Waters 2020, on the following: 

  • Why they did this work: The status of WASH in HCF in Afghanistan
  • How they did this work: An overview of the WASH Con tool and the partnership between Emory and WV Afghanistan
  • What they experienced and learned: A summary of key findings
  • What are WV Afghanistan and partners doing to respond to what they've learned? 

If you're interested in the recording, please email Kristie Urich.

Incidentally, check out this news about the recent visit of Helen Clark, former head of the United Nations Development Programme, to visit some of World Vision's programmes in Afghanistan. Also, watch this video about World Vision Afghanistan's work to address malnutrition. 

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