Take Action

Take action to end child hunger and malnutrition

What we are calling for

Join the fight to ensure all children have ENOUGH

School meals
1: School meals

School meals are rarely guaranteed or free. Where they do exist, they may not have strong nutritional value or be locally or ethically sourced.

2: Micronutrients

Children around the world, especially girls, struggle to receive the nutrients their bodies need.

Food and cash in emergencies
3: Food and cash in emergencies

Life-saving assistance for children and families fleeing their homes due to emergencies.

Say Enough
Say enough. Act enough. Give enough. Pray enough.


Sign this action and commit to join the movement

Say ENOUGH: Listen to children’s ideas on hunger and nutrition and share what they are saying and creating on social media, in your church or school or wherever people gather.

Act ENOUGH: Take action to end hunger and malnutrition with school meals, micronutrient support, and food & cash in emergencies.

Give ENOUGH: Sponsor a child so they can get ENOUGH of the right foods to thrive.

Pray ENOUGH: Join with friends and family in prayer for every child to have ENOUGH nourishing food to thrive.

Petition Milestones

Enough Campaign Launch

ENOUGH Campaign Launch

India Portrait

Micronutrient Forum

girl nutrition

World Health Assembly

Nutrition For Growth (N4G)

N4G (Nutrition For Growth)

Amplify child voices

Amplify children’s voices on social media


“We have ENOUGH. Let’s eliminate child malnutrition. Let’s end child hunger now. ENOUGH of the right foods even in crises. Food policies and services centred on and influenced by children. Every child should enjoy ENOUGH nourishing food to thrive.  #ENOUGH #ENOUGHChildHunger”